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A program with ALL INCLUDED (except flights). Transfers, accompanied by certified guide, 4 star Hotel, food, tours…

Madeira Orchid Travel presents you with a RÉVEILLON program.

A program with ALL INCLUDED (except flights). Transfers, accompanied by certified guide, 4 star Hotel, food, tours…

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Madeira Orchid Travel

With us, you have at your disposal Special Package tours throughout the island of Madeira. Explore the nature, traditions, beauty and much more of the island.

Amazing Views

Explore breathtaking views of the coast, on top of the mountains or Valleys of Madeira.

Great Experiences

Enjoy the Customs, Traditions, and Gastronomy of Madeira Island while you are on holidays.

Best Tours

Levadas, Horse Ride, Canyoning, Diving, Boat Tours and many more for some amazing holidays.

Madeira Island with more 600 hundred years, culture and a huge traditions.

Discover this and more experiences with us, Madeira Orchid Travel.

When the first Portuguese settlers arrived on Madeira Island, it was completely covered with a dense forest known today as Laurissilva (Laurel Forest). Laurissilva, one of Madeira´s greatest treasures and richness in the island, one of the oldest forests in the entire world! In the past, large areas of this forest were used  for agricultural purposes, firewood, housing and furniture. Since 1999, the subtropical Laurissilva forest, with countless endemic plants and indigenous flora and fauna, has been under the protection and considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Tremendous effort has been made to ensure that the rare plant and animal species of Laurissilva is well taken care of and protected.

Besides Laurissilva, there are other Nature Reserves on Madeira Island.

Madeira Island


In a lush Laurissilva forest where wonderful walks can be enjoyed with family or friends, explore the beauty of these stunning green mountains, basking in one of the best subtropical climates in the world.

These walking tours, known as “Levadas da Madeira”, run alongside irrigation channels that started being constructed in 1461 to irrigate the land and transport drinking water to the population. The majority of these Levadas were constructed solely by men using pickaxes, suspended by rope, a hard and dangerous undertaking.


What once was so hard, is currently a major tourist attraction, a real symbol of the island of Madeira. Their paths offer breath taking views and lush landscapes which will surely stay in the memory, with new perspectives, adventures and experiences around every corner.

Along the way you will encounter enchanting waterfalls, mesmerizing lagoons, stunning cliffs, sweeping valleys, deep green mountains that contrast with the dazzling blue sea, as well as incredible flora and fauna unique in the world.

Walk from Pico Do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo with Nina was amazing! Highly recommended especially if you want to learn about the nature and a little bit of history on the way, too. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Petronela Gdovinová

We have enjoined traveling and walking with the wonderful Guide Nina!

Yehuda Ullmann

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Madeira Orchid Travel presents you with a REVEILLON program. A program with ALL INCLUDED (except flights). Transfers, accompanied by certified guide, 4 star Hotel, food, tours. DAY 29  ARRIVAL  Transfer with guide (flight to be defined)  Check-in 4-Star Hotel, welcome...

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