Levada do Furado - Ribeiro Frio / Portela

Distance: 11km | Time: 5h | Price: 36€
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36€ / per person


5h Walk

Levada do Furado – Ribeiro Frio / Portela

This trail starts at Ribeiro Frio at 860m altitude. The levada has 11 km and a duration of 5 hours, starting at Ribeiro Frio, crossing the Laurissilva forest. It is one of the oldest public levadas. This trail ends with a descent to Portela.

The route has an intermittent proximity and horizon with nature, and the path is covered by the dense vegetation there, and there is also space for open panoramas where the central mountainous massif and all its natural splendor can be seen. During the course you can see the various tributaries and streams that flow into Levada do Furado, taking full advantage of the levada water catchment.

The geological connection with the course is a constant, there are several small tunnels that dig the rock and uniquely embellish the path.

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