Levada do Moinho

Distance: 9km | Time: 4h | Price: 36€
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9km (Round Trip)


36€ / per person


4h Walk

Levada do Moinho

Transfer to Lombada da Ponta do Sol, where the Levada do Moinho (water mil) begins at the forest station of Santa, in Porto Moniz on the north Coast of Madeira Island.

At the beginning of this route, the well-cultivated agricultural land stands out, giving a pleasant view to the hikers.

Among them are the fantastic lush landscapes, endemic flora and fauna, waterfalls and small streams. At the end of the route you can climb the path that leads to Levada Nova. When you arrive, follow the opposite direction until you reach the imposing waterfall of this Levada. Contemplate the place before returning on the same path.

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