Queimadas Park / Levada Caldeirão Verde

Distance: 13km | Time: 5h | Price: 36€
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13km (Return Trip)


36€ / per person


5h Walk

Queimadas Park / Levada Caldeirão Verde

Transfer to Queimadas Park. On this Levada walk we lose ourselves in a lush green forest with flowers, green mossy walls, ferns and waterfalls. You will discover one of the most spectacular Levadas on the island, with impressive canyon valleys, the origin of the Laurissilva vegetation (Unesco World Heritage).

This Levada is an impressive work of art built in the XVIII Century, which crosses abrupt cliffs and mountains and transports the water that flows from the highest mountains of the island. Along the way, you will pass through 4 tunnels excavated by hand, until arriving at the waterfall formed lake of the Caldeirão Verde at 100mt. After resting and delighting in this spectacular natural landscape, it’s time to return.

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