The Beauty and History in Portugal North

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15th Program “The Beauty and History in Portugal North”

With the program “The Beauty and History in Portugal North”, you will enjoy some beautiful adventures through the mainland of Portugal.

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10 days of history, culture, and flavors in incredible places and cities in the north of Portugal.When visiting Porto and the North of Portugal you will discover a region where tradition, history, culture, modernity, nature and gastronomy and tradition.

Porto, one of the most important and genuine cities of Portugal. It has a historical center to fill the eyes where you breathe history and culture. Must visit bars and restaurants on the banks of the River Douro. Porto is famous for its wine.

In Minho you will find the city of Braga (Portuguese Rome), for its numerous churches and sanctuaries, O Jesus and Monte do Sameiro.

The birthplace of Portugal, Guimarães, visits the Castle, where D. Afonso Henriques was born, a charming historical center. We follow the oldest village of Portugal Ponte de Lima, a village that will enchant you with its medieval charm.

The magnificent Peneda-Gerês National Park, north of Portugal, near the Spanish border. Its rugged hills shelter deer, wolf and royal eagle. The rails include a Roman road full of landmarks. The spa resort of Gerês, from the 7th century. To the north, the Shrine of Our Lady of Peneda, from the nineteenth century.

In Trás-os-Montes, the journey continues to Chaves, one of the most beautiful historical cities in Portugal. Tower of Medieval Castle, the perimeter of the wall, the forts of St. Francis and St. Neutel, the Roman bridge of Trajan, the churches Matrix and the Misericordia, the typical floral balconies, the palace of the Dukes of Braganza and the Roman baths (Aquae Flaviae), revealing the strong thermal past.

We continue to the beautiful city of Bragança to the northeast of Portugal, a mountainous region that offers unique scenery, historic villages, natural landscapes and a very rich gastronomy.

Miranda do the Douro has a rich natural, social and built heritage, such as its beautiful old houses, its most imposing monument: the Sé (now the Church of Santa Maria Maior) from the 16th century. With vestiges of human presence from remote times, Miranda has strong Celtic roots and was even occupied by the Romans.

Miranda do the Douro continues to preserve traditions and ways of life in an increasingly developed world. Witness to this is the language itself, the Mirandese, unique heritage in the region, which has survived the passage of time unscathed.

Before leaving for Porto, time to spend in the city of Lamego. A town situated on the south bank of the Douro River. It is a historical-Romanesque city, possessing a great number of monuments, churches and houses emblazoned, being also a Portuguese diocese.

The Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios and its staircase are the ex-libirs of the city. It was built in the 18th century on the hill of Santo Estevão, in honor of Senhora dos Remédios. The staircase rises from the center of the city to the top of the hill and is full of amazing and holy places.

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