Vereda das Funduras

Distance: 7,5km | Time: 3h30 | Price: 36€
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36€ / per person


3h30 Walk

Vereda das Funduras

This trail starts at the viewpoint of Portela, where you can admire the beauty of the villages of Porto da Cruz and Faial, near the imposing rock of Penha d’Águia.

The tour continues along the forest road of Serra das Funduras entering the path that leads through the magnificent Laurissilva forest. Along the way through this forest you can enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the endemic flora and fauna of the island of Madeira.

Enjoy nature while walking and enjoy the Arriving at ‘Casa das Funduras’, a country house that supports the forest activities of the area. Next to the house you will find the descent to the Maroços, up to hiker. Along this descent you will pass through the traditional poios, which make up this fantastic agricultural landscape, characteristic of this area.

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